One of the biggest hurdles in providing more efficent tracking tools to the aerospace industry has been educating people about the ability to implement new tools without having to change the way people are already working. Until now the only way to provide work order status information to a customer has been to call the customer directly, send them an e-mail or build a web site to display the status of the repair. In every case, the need to perform double entry (either in the company's in-house tracking system or in a separate message to the customer) has been required. Overhaul Search's Work Status tracking system eliminates the redundancy of double entry by integrating your company's in-house software, or web site, with Overhaul Search's Work Status tracking system.

Overhaul Search believes that information about the status of your repair is just as important and the repair itself. Overhaul Search's Work Status feature provides its members with up-to-the-minute repair status information such as when their part is received, inspected, torn-down, repaired, quality assured, and shipped. Our system tracks the number of real days it takes to repair the part, which helps to assist the shops in meeting their quoted lead times, and alerts customers of critical time constraints. Need to know the status of your part once it ships? We track that too. Simply click on the tracking button and instantly obtain up-to-date information from freight companies such as ABX, DHL, Evergreen, Emery, FedEx, UPS, Yellow Freight and many others.

If you are a shop, and would like to learn how affordable it is to integrate your in-house software, or web site, with the Overhaul Search Work Status tracking system, call us today at
1-888-820-8551 Ext. 600. If you are an airline, or a supplier, and would like to know which shops are already utilizing the Overhaul Search Work Status system, please send us an email at support@overhaulsearch or call us at 1-888-820-8551.


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